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This is a true story of how individuals acted openly, one by one, time after time, place beyond place, to confront violence, avert genocide and make peace. We document below the highlights of our day by day activity. We emboldened each other as a Pyramid of Peace. Ours is an inspiring story with instructive lessons which some day will be told in drama, poetry, art, film, music and song.

Wherever you may be, whatever your Values, Investigations or Endeavors, join us at Minciu Sodas and WorkNets for a culture of independent thinkers. We support your growth as a leader!

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Our Day by Day Account

Violence erupted in Kenya on December 30, 2007 after President Mwai Kibaki claimed a surprise victory against Raila Odinga in disputed elections. On December 31, the government imposed a media blackout. After we got in touch with Kenyan friends to make sure they were safe, we supported them so they might help others and keep genocide or civil war from occuring as they very well might have. Our story ends on February 28 when Kibaki and Odinga signed a power sharing agreement and peace returned to Kenya.

January 1, 2008

Janet, Asif, Sasha, A report they aren't hearing from our friends in Kenya because of a media blackout. Andrius suggests actions we can take and invites Asif to lead our efforts.

JanetFeldman: I am reading with alarm and sadness about the election violence in Kenya, and wanted to post to ask if our members and friends--all of those especially in Kibera, where there has been looting and killings--and in Nairobi are OK? Please let us know when you can. Read more...

Asif, what can we do for Kenya?

January 2, 2008

Josephat (in Tanzania) and M (in Europe) invite us to chat. Davis and Fred report from Uganda. A reports that Tom in Kisumu was robbed. Andrius directs a coordinated response. Davis will work with refugees coming to Uganda and links us with Muyela in Nakuru, Kenya. Kiyavilo will go to the Tanzanian border. Josephat will lead translation into Kiswahili. Sasha sets up wiki pages. Kennedy is safe but has no transport into Nairobi. DennisKimambo organizes a peace meeting in Nakuru. Janet shares reports and notes banks are closed due to violence. Andrius speaks with Samwel (in RusingaIsland, Kenya) who says that an audit of election results would halt all violence.

Mob Attacks Church Near Eldoret in Western Kenya By William Eagle

We are helping Kenyans

Chat to help Kenyans

How we're helping Kenyans

AndriusKulikauskas: We're looking for short term ways to help. The situation is serious (transportation unavailable, communications shut down, food and water shortages, lawlessness and ethnic turmoil). The long term prospects are good (the opposition has won many seats in the parliament, which will meet in March, and there is a widespread concern for the country). We're trying to help individuals help others and also avert a civil war or a genocide as occurred in Rwanda. The simplest way to help right now is to make phone calls to Kenyans and send SMS messages. We are making a list and encouraging calls.

DennisKimambo: we carried out a meeting today with two ethnic groups that are both very much involved with what is happening and tension has been building up, at Free Area where most of the landlords are Kikuyu's and the Tenants Luo's we used magnet theatre to have a forum with them, and it was a very fired meeting as both side tried to prove that they are right in what is happening at the end of the day we all agreed that the leadership should help with the problem nationally but as locals staying here in Nakuru as neighbors they agreed to refrain from violence and they will hold the same meetings every 3 days just to help one another with the tension and console those who have lost there family in other parts of the country, this was possible with the help of the chief of the area, as we continue to push for peace we are asking you to pray for this country

January 3, 2008

William reports on James in Nairobi. Samwel gets online, reports the banks have opened, the priority must be for politicians to preach peace. Tom Ochuka is preaching peace to the deaf community. Kennedy is in the Kangware slums of Nairobi, needs food, can't go outside, a gang decides to torch their house, but the police drives them away, and all is calm. Kennedy notes a shortage of phone cards. The NafsiAfrikaAcrobats will meet tomorrow. Samwel links Andrius with Amos in Eldoret, who with 1,000 people is staying up all night in the cold, their tribe is targeted. Pamela suggests and Meadowlea works on peace songs. Attorney General calls for a recount.

SamwelKongere: I can access the bank as well as Western Union near here. We can hurry up and buy cereals, blankets, towletries etc for children and other sick peolple who are campimg at churches, police stations, and health centres. In our area police are becoming tired and some of them are killed by locals. If at all the situation is not handled the way the communities affected need, then Kenya is going to be another Kosovo, Rwanda but much worse. The already displaced families will not go back to their homes as the situation in Eldoret is worsenning. Read more...

JacktonArija: Thank you all for your concern about Kenya, a lot is happenning here and many and many people have lost their lives.As Sam has said there is no food,no transport and no money and medication.Right now as speak we dont have food and i am just in the house with my kids boiling hot water and putting some remaining sugar on it for the kids. Read more...

Telephone contacts in Eldoret and Kenya

News from Eldoret and Nairobi

January 4, 2008

Kennedy (in Nairobi) and Dennis (in Nakuru) are the first to pick up cash Andrius has sent. Dennis agrees to distribute money by sharing phone credits that might be used or bartered, to those who agree to post their telephones publicly and distribute further. Dennis reports Eric's sister Charity is safe. R investigates online services for purchasing cellphone credits. NafsiAfrikaAcrobats will build for television a human pyramid from the various tribes. David is online for the first time since his cellphone was stolen as he escaped from Kibera on December 30.

VOA: Kenya Violence Sparks Fuel Shortage in Rwanda by Noel King

Progress in Kenya

Nairobi slums: Good news from Nafsi Afrika Acrobats

Sharing phone credits

KennedyOwino: We have suggested as a group to mobilize many Acrobats from various tribes to form one huge pyramid as a mark advocating for peace. ... thank you for your prayers and co-ordinated efforts. I woke up with anticipation of seeing calm restored in our lovely country. It's like a testimony, though there were fears before of repeated violence, everything is serene and the situation calm.

January 5, 2008

Dennis accounts for the phone credits he distributed and shares his motto: "Humanity before politics". Asif alerts us to the Mamamikes online service for purchasing cellphone credits. Mental Acrobatics blog highlights Kennedy's NafsiAfrikaAcrobats and Dennis's Repacted. Meadowlea calls Kenyans and shares news. Kiyavilo returns from Kenya to Tanzania and shares news. Uyoga members in Tanzania will create peace songs.

AndriusKulikauskas: They are able to purchase phone card credits (there are no shortages for that in Nakuru and Nairobi) and then use their phones to send those credits to others throughout Kenya. This will let everybody make calls and be in touch. But more importantly, the credits can function as an alternative to cash, especially in areas where we haven't managed to deliver cash. Kenyans can use the credits to pay for help from each other, including food and travel.

How to Help Kenyans from Arusha, Tanzania

Jackton, Amos, and next steps for Kenyans?

January 6, 2008

Samwel and Dennis report of impending food shortages and confirm to Andrius they may be caused by Kalenjin gangs blocking the roads. Andrius sends money to share with benevolent Kalenjins who might engage the youth on the roads. He links with WesleyChirchirChebii of kalenjin.net

VOA: Kenya Red Cross Copes with Unprecedented Violence by Akwei Thompson

How to Help Kenyans

A plan to focus on the benevolent Kalenjins

Thoughts on the plan?

JacktonArija: I thank you all making all efforts for me to have food in my house,Ken Owino sent airtime oh Ksh 1500 and Dennis also snet me and airtime of ksh750.I managed to sell and use to buy food in my house and my neighbour who was also lacking food.

AndriusKulikauskas: I surmise that their roadblocks may be all that's keeping food and people from getting to where they need to go. ... But we can go straight to the enemy who in his rage inflicts the chaos. We can take up their point of view! One enemy that I see are the 1,500 or so Kalenjin youth in Eldoret who are threatening to kill Kikuyus and also the Lou workers among them such as AmosObwanga. I urge us to find the telephone numbers of any Kalenjins who might possibly engage us and ask for their help to distribute money and phone credits to Kalenjins in need. And this act of friendship can extinguish the gangs in a single day.

January 7, 2008

Andrius instructs Wesley to work openly and send his team's phone numbers, which he does. Kennedy agrees to engage the Kalenjins through his Kikuyu contacts. Amos is finally safe and picked up money in Eldoret. Kennedy accounts for phone credits he distributed.

Kenya's Opposition to Hold More Rallies Despite Government Ban by James Butty

January 8, 2008

VOA: Aid Getting Through to the Displaced in Kenya by Lisa Schlein

Refugees in Uganda

VOA, LisaSchlein: About 200 trucks loaded with food and other essential items were stranded for days at the Port of Mombasa because of insecurity on the main roads and checkpoints set up by vigilante groups. Now that security is improving, the trucks are moving, but not everyplace. Read more from VOA

January 9, 2008

Andrius writes of our "Pyramid of Peace" and makes a long term plan that goes beyond Kenya. Andrius asks for Ushahidi to show positive events and allow us to be editors.

Pyramid of Peace and our Long Term Work in Kenya

January 10, 2008

Jacob Ogweno asks R for help

Updates from Charles Kilel

CharlesKilel: After facilitating Achami with phone credit He was able to communicate to 10 Kelenjin fighters in the bush. The only problem he told me is that the fighters do not disclose information about what and why they are fighting yet they are saying that they are not willing to give up the fight until the non-Kelenjins leave Kuresoi. He has also been in talks with the provincial administration to hold community peace meetings with the elders because the elders play a major role of instructing and financing the young fighters, the District Commissioner has promised to speared head the talks thanks to the small money I got from Dennis. Read more...

BrianBehlendorf: It seems to me you've got something very special here - a direct way to connect funds to people who can make really productive use of them. You've built a trust relationship with people inside Kenya, people you know will use that money for necessary phone calls, food and shelter, or other critical needs, and distribute that to others to also handle in a noble manner. I based my decision to donate to you on witnessing the conversations you're having, and while not understanding every detail, it looked personal and direct and thus likely to be transparent and trustable. Read more...

January 11, 2008

On our feet for the Pyramid of Peace

Priorities and updates from Kenya

Welcome, Theresa!

January 12, 2008

Samwel Kongere is going to the hospital

Pyramid of nominations for an independent commission

Peacemaking with fighters in Kuresoi

Wesley Chirchir helping Eldoret, Burnt Forest

CollinsOdour: I have just arrived from Kuresoi the battle field, it was a long journey because I traveled with a lot of fear, I traveled to Kuresoi to meet Achami, we spoke for a long time trying to find out a way of reaching out to a person believed to be very influential in Kuresoi among the Kalenjin community in the area. We got a phone number and called and spoke to him for a long time and booked a meeting that could bring peace to the area, the meeting is tomorrow in Molo town and it will be conducted by Achami. The leader refused to give his correct phone numbers unless we promise not to involve the police we promised not too because my mission is to bring peace and stop the war. We managed to buy food staff for tomorrow's meeting. ... After tomorrow's meeting Denis and I will communicate directly with the leader who they refer to as a "war lord" Read more...

DennisKimambo: I have just received a call from Sam's friend that Sam wants me to tell the whole forum about his health he had an alergic reaction and he is being taken to hospital now. I will try and get my contact to go and see him in Mbita.

WesleyChirchirChebii: Today, I negotiated with one church organization which has agreed to give maize to 22 families in a place called Kimumu and on Monday another fifty (50) Kalenjin families will be assisted with several bags of maize in BurntForest. This is the place that has seen the largest concentration of Kikuyus camping outside of the centre. It is alleged that when the Kikuyus were attacked by Kalenjins on 1st January 2008, they decided to revenge by burning and destroying the houses and business premises of Kalenjins in Burnt Forest. Accordingly Kalenjins lost all of their property. Now they are starving and also worrying where they will get unforms and money to pay for their kids transport back to school. Even more worrying is the lack of boarding fees for their kids.

AndriusKulikauskas: We are not sending more money to you until we have more reports as you earlier had, how you are distributing the money and the phone numbers of the people and where they are. We can send phone credits for BurntForest as soon as possible if you direct who to send them to. Is it Fred Yego +254 722 422 422 ?

January 13, 2008

January 14, 2008

Updates from Collins and Andrius

Mbita: Jacob Ogweno, Rusinga Island: Samwel Kongere

Kiswahili translations to help Kenyans

CollinsOdour: My traveling to Kuresoi has bore fruits because am in communication with three main Kalenjin peace makers in the area. Have set up plans to have a peace meeting with the Kalenjins and the other communities at this point we have managed to communicate to few fighters and they have stop attacking other communities apart from some few areas, the peace makers who are also in local peace committee feel that a long team solution can be reached by both sides. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: Kenya is calm overall for now, but there are fighters in hotspots such as Kuresoi and Burnt Forest who peacemakers are engaging with help from our Pyramid of Peace. ... I spoke with Dennis Kimambo and Kennedy Owino. My thought is that for the next month we will find a steady way to make progress organizing those "independent thinkers" in Kenya who don't insist on either side but care first for "Humanity before Politics". ... We will keep our work humming but I think we can be sure to catch up on our rest and to discover how to live with this situation in the longer term. Read more...

January 15, 2008

Updates from Dennis and Burning Questions

Posting video from Kenya?

Please send airtime to Jacob Ogweno

JacobOgweno: I wish to inform you that the schools opened yesterday , but again closed due to the hostile situation in kenya.,THe schoolsa will again resume when the situation becomes calm. there will a national demontration in all the towns in kenya fromm tommorrow , already the situation in mbita become very hostile , homa bay and kisumu. it may not be safe to travel to homa-baty to the bank on thurday , the banks may not work or the looters may take the money. i humbly request that is possible I receive some money through phone urgently as you had suggested.

January 16, 2008

Cell phone credit shortage in Kenya (Interview with Andrius) by Clark Boyd of The World, Public Radio International

January 17, 2008

Thank you Californians! for helping Kenyans

January 18, 2008

January 19, 2008

January 20, 2008

Herbert Santa Charo and elephants in Kwale

Kenya update from Dennis and Andrius

DennisKimambo: Things are good in some parts of Kenya while other places its still not safe, the situation is not being helped by the police who are using excessive force to disperse crowds here, yesterday Nakuru was very tense and, following protest that were made not possible by the heavy presence of the police, I talked to Rachael who is planning to organize a peace caravan for rift valley. Read more...

January 21, 2008

Welcome, Chrispinus Ouma

Principles for Pyramid of Peace

BenoitCouture: How can the curbing of vices such that one mentioned here, be achieved non-violently? Genuine inner peace knows very well that such "mob justice" is as much the enemy of peace as the vice being treated in such a way. Let there be punishment where punishment is needed. But let the punishment be applied for the sake of enabling Health-Education-Correction to reach all who may be concerned, case by case. In each case, there is a lot more people involved than only the one who does get burned alive. ... So please, do get that mob justice out of the way and get on with the road of inner peace. Read more...

January 22, 2008

Pyramid of Peace update from Andrius

Online work day January 31 with friends of Kenyans

January 23, 2008

Thank you for caring for Samwel

Wesley, response network and long term approaches

January 24, 2008

Raising more money for Pyramid of Peace

Engaging Kalenjin fighters

A letter to Brian Behlendorf in Davos

AndriusKulikauskas: I spoke just now with DennisKimambo +254 722 388 275 in Nakuru. Nakuru has been a haven for refugees since the start of the Kenyan post-election turmoil. However, recently the Kalenjin fighters have burned down some houses nearby. The Kalenjin fighters have apparently been organizing themselves. There are also revenge attack Read more...s against the Kalenjins. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: RichardRono agrees with our plan to share airtime with those Kalenjins who let us publicly post their telephone numbers and who reach out to the Kalenjin fighters but also so the fighters might reach out to other tribes. The Kalenjin are afraid of vengeance and they are not receiving aid in the amounts as the rest of Kenya. Richard will rent a vehicle so they might move around easily in the area and communicate with more people. Read more...

January 25, 2008

Dennis, I thank God for your safety

Joy and Andrius chat about routers for Kisumu

Re: Tom and Kennedy Odhiambo/Kisumu Contacts

Fred Kayiwa's vision for Minciu Sodas

Let's investigate these requests for help

Seizing the moment to chase down the fighters

DennisKimambo: Andrius as i write this email i is 2 am in the morning and i am home safely after an ordeal that would have seen me dead, but because of the airtime i have been sending to people they did not harm me i will call you tomorrow at around 12 pm to tell you the whole story but with tears filled in my eyes i wan to thank you again and again for all that you are doing to Kenyans. Tonight what i have seen will forever remain with me GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY Read more...

JanetFeldman: TomOchuka has long hoped for a learning center of some kind. There is one now we know of, run by a colleague who is a member of the Kenyan Community Abroad, a Kenyan Diaspora nonprofit of which we are both members. Such a center has also been a dream for several other orgs I/we know of in Kisumu, so perhaps we could consider how one center might help several orgs and many individuals and groups. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: I made many calls to our Pyramid of Peace leaders in Kenya tonight. Now is another day for decisive action. I share my understanding and the plan which we have agreed to pursue. ... Nakuru has been a haven for refugees but now is the focus of the violence in Kenya. My understanding is that the Kalenjin fighters are actually weakening because the situation is improving in much of the area. Meanwhile, they have been organizing themselves and are looking to stir a fight in Nakuru. Nakuru has attracted many Kikuyu refugees and now they have outnumbered the Kalenjin there and so many Kikuyus with the complicity of the Kikuyu police are burning down Kalenjin houses in Nakuru. There is also the sound of gunfire and there's reason to believe that the government has started supplying guns to the Kikuyus, which otherwise have been rare, the fighting so far being mostly with machetes and bows and arrows. The result is that there is an increasing conflict looming in Nakuru between Kalenjin fighters and Kikuyu fighters. I perceive an underlying weakening in the Kalenjin fighters. Now is the time to engage them further and chase them down through our Pyramid of Peace network, including the towns of Nesuit and Mauche from where the Kalenjin fighter are coming to Nakuru. We want to help them retreat to their own "camps". Read more...

January 26, 2008

Kennedy on meeting with Rachel, David

Seize the moment to win over Kenyan fighters

Requests for airtime, please check

Re: Asking for assistance

AndriusKulikauskas: Rachel Kungu +254 721 626 389 has helped us think through the details. She will participate tomorrow in a meeting with former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. I encouraged her to ask him to promote some key ideas of immediate significance: - that Kenyans publicly post their telephone numbers as in our Pyramid of Peace to reach out to each other for dialogue and support amongst different people, for example, through large advertisements in the newspapers... Read more...

January 27, 2008

Kenneth Chelimo will help engage the Kalenjin

Patrick Bunyali Kamoyani and food security

We're bringing peace to Nakuru!

Onward in Love with Kikuyus from Nairobi

AndriusKulikauskas: I spoke with DennisKimambo +254 722 388 275 in Nakuru, Kenya. Yesterday he helped many people there move to safer places. The situation today is much calmer. The tribal gangs are no longer killing people but rather having them vacate their homes. Dennis told me how they talked to a gang of 500 that was threatening to burn down RonaldOdhiambo's +254 722 240 088 home as they had the others in the area. But the neighbors explained about all of the donations and help that they had received from Ronald in these days. So instead the gang gave him two days to move out. They will be able to negotiate further.

AndriusKulikauskas: We are living through scary times, yet strategically we may have decisive impact. There is good news breaking through the bad news. Most recently, the Kikuyu clique Mungiki supported by the Kikuyu security police have set up roadblocks on the road from Nakuru to Nairobi (especially at Naivasha) and have been killing travelers from other tribes. We now have the chance to sap their hate with love from Kikuyus in Nairobi. This is our priority now. ... Rachel Wambui Kungu +254 721 626 389 has agreed to lead our most vital advance at this time which is to engage with love the Kikuyus at the roadblocks.

AndriusKulikauskas: Rono Richards +254 723 732 617 is organizing a road trip through the Kalenjin areas that will yield many contacts for us. I spoke with him today, he is a Kalenjin and so is Wesley Chirchir +254 722 992 107 from Eldoret who will meet him tomorrow (Monday). They will rent a car and then visit Morendoko, Setkobor, the campsite at Mengitz farm where they will spend the night, and then Tuesday onward to the Sundu River camp, Piloa, Umoja Primary, Noinet, Kibtoror and then Wesley goes back to Eldoret. They will collect phone numbers for Wesley to post on the Internet upon his return, and they will organize white arm band volunteer security forces without weapons to assist police (whose protection they lack at this time), and they will find elders who might distribute food.

AndriusKulikauskas: LawrenceAchami +254 720 613 379 is at a camp in that area at Baringo B along with several hundred Kikuyus and they also have some police protection. Yesterday Kalenjin fighters in the area killed five people in a neighboring farm not far away. However, Rono reports that a first camp for Kalenjins with police security has been set up at Baringo B so now they have a place to go.

January 28, 2008

Claire Niala in Kibera, Nairobi

Pam and Andrius chat about January 31 work session

Collins and Dennis from Nakuru, Kenya

Please check these calls for help from Navaisha, Nakuru

Timely proposal from REPACTED peacemakers

Re: Update on MamaMike's: Andrius-Dennis-Meadowlea

JanetFeldman: I have just discovered that there is something strange which happened with the airtime transactions this time, and that is why you have not received them. ... In the meantime, I have sent Dennis and Jackton some funds via Moneygram, and--depending on how things go with MamaMike's (if I cancel the transactions, for example)--I might send the funds I had used for these airtime transactions to Andrius, or directly to Kenya. Read more...

PamelaMcLean: I have been passing on relevant MS emails to BBC ... I tired teh other contacts as well initially, but as I got response from BBC I decided to focus on the two contacts there who had replied to me. Read more...

January 29, 2008

VOA: Humanitarian Aid in Kenya Threatened by Violence by Lisa Schlein

Peacemakers advance on Kikuyus and Kalenjins!

Re: Nakuru Updates

AndriusKulikauskas: Wesley Chirchir Chebii told me about his road trip (yesterday Monday and today Tuesday) through the Kalenjin areas with Rono Richards +254 723 732 617. They managed to travel from Kuresoi to Sundu River and Piloa. Many Kalenjins are displaced in Sundu. Wesley found the area more peaceful than expected ... Wesley called me from Kericho where he is stopping on his way back to Eldoret. He alerts us that Kalenjin youths have set up roadblocks from Eldoret to Iten and from Eldoret to Turbo. These are quite calm but the youth there are alarmed by rumors sent by SMS text messages that the Kikuyu clique Mungiki are on their way to Kuresoi from Navaisha. And yet from the police it is clear that this is just a rumor. My suspicion is that the source of such rumors are wicked Kikuyus and wicked Kalenjins who are likely colluding to destabilize all of Kenya. ... The youths may very well be bored and it may be possible to occupy them with football on the roads. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: Rachel Wambui Kungu's +254 721 626 389 group of six peacemakers leaves by bus from Nairobi at 9:00 am, Wednesday morning. They may rent a car in Navaisha as needed. They have contacts there and will then go to the police, talk to the youth, talk to the local people, and with their help meet key people in the Mungiki. There is a lot of tension on the ground and so this will be a lengthy process involving many small risks, but preferably no big ones. I share a general principle about engaging the violent: "Look at everything from their point of view". In particular:

  • Be straightforward (let them know who you are and what you are doing)
  • Be thorough (don't skip steps, let them follow the logic of your actions)
  • Be vulnerable (let them know they have some power over you)
  • Let them win (then you are sure they don't lose)
  • Let them teach you (seek their clarification, learn their language)
  • Stick to your principles (you and they should know what you would die for)
  • Have something to share (bring them joy and share their sorrow)
All of this makes us an extension of our enemy, extends their power, and thus both keeps us whole and allows us to influence them for their benefit. I and JoeDamal gathered these principles from our first-hand experience engaging gangs in Chicago. The on-the-ground situation will dictate the options. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: M encouraged me to organize us better to care for all the people we know such as Ron, or also Kennedy, who today fled his neighborhood in Nairobi. I share three priorities which I called Ron to discuss. He agreed that we must focus what we can on the root problems. I know this is heartbreaking, because our personal losses are heartbreaking, even harrowing, as Janet writes.

  • Our first priority is to address the most basic needs of the people we know.
  • Our second priority is to apply our network to eliminate immediately the root causes of the worst of the violence, the genocidal violence.
  • Our third priority is to work in the long term to create the world that we wish to live in.

JamesKarongo from Nakuru: I was able to keep in touch with everybody since I had the credit. It came at the right time there was scarcity of credit in the shops but i did not encounter the problem. ... The problem that we have right now is food since it is very expensive and very scarce due to the violence. The food from the remote areas is not reaching the town due to the vilence. ... We hope to do peace messages in the outreaches when the situation calms down. Read more...

January 30, 2008

VOA: Kenyans Flee Their Homes in Fear of New Attacks by Nick Wadhams

Ron Odhiambo: peace efforts in Nakuru

WesleyChirchir is back in Eldoret and I sent him 300 USD of which 100 USD is for him to keep after his road trip and the rest is to engage the Kalenjin youth which they plan to do today, including the idea to encourage them to play football on the roads near the roadblocks, so the adults can take the initiative there. I spoke with Chesosio +254 722 698 541 in Eldoret who Rachel told me of. He was actually with Wesley and also Wesley will contact Felix. Read more...

RonOdhiambo: I did meet with Dennis andhe gave me the $100 which majorly i have used on credit to call and help other families which needed to call in tracing and communicating to their loved ones.I aslo did receive a call from Andrius yerster night and we had a lengthy talk about the root of the probles,dealing with gangs and principles of engagement to this gangs.well i hope all becomes cool andok.today and tommorowi will try to contact thhe group and have a talk with them,tyr and get them food which i think is the main idea which they extort money from people and see if we can play a football game[idea from Andrius].Pray for me. Read more...

DennisKimambo: Thanks to you Janet and the HH ron was able to do all this i did send him credit and gave him 100 dolloars this morning, hope that peace will prevail in Kenya. Read more...

January 31, 2008

VOA: Another Opposition Lawmaker Shot Dead in Kenya by Nick Wadhams

Mungikis join the Pyramid of Peace!

Re: Mungikis join the Pyramid of Peace!/growing peace, understanding roots

Janet, may I call you? My story

AndriusKulikauskas: RachelWambuiKungu +254 721 626 389 is back in Nairobi, Kenya after a day that transformed the name Mungikis from a curse to a blessing. Her team met with key leaders of the Mungikis in Naivasha. They have given their names and phone numbers to participate in the Pyramid of Peace and to engage the violent Mungikis who have moved onward to Nairobi. They agreed to remove the road blocks for the next seven days. They will organize a large meeting in two days or so to meet with leaders from the Catholic church and with the local head of the police. Afterwards, they wish to meet with the Kalenjins for dialogue. They are ready for a permanent peace upon three reasonable conditions: 1) that Kalenjins and others stop fighting and free the roads as well, 2) that the opposition leaders tell their people to stop fighting, 3) that the youth be involved in the decisions affecting them. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: Our priority now is to cement a great victory by Rachel and her team (which I think included KennedyOwino +254 723 568 251 and DavidMutua +254 720 462 559). We can call, we can talk, we can give, we can donate. We can accept the challenge to encourage the Kalenjins and Lous and others to free the roads as well and celebrate the calm. We can reestablish Nakuru as a haven for dialogue. We might also verify the respect for travelers by sending travelers. Rachel told how they made great progress by riding motorbikes, which made it easy for them to speak to the road blockers, as opposed to driving in cars. What a telling illustration of the maxim "Be vulnerable". By allowing for a little hurt, we can know who is truly hurtful. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: WesleyChirchirChebii +254 722 992 107 returned this morning to Eldoret where he drafted a message for a press conference given by Kalenjin elders who talked effectively on radio stations. Wesley will go tomorrow to the Kalenjin roadblocks at Iten. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: DennisKimambo +254 722 388 275 and I spoke today about his work in Nakuru. He organized police escort for a large group of residents (I think Lou) to leave for other parts of the country, which at this time gives hope and diminishes tensions. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: Looking ahead, I think the root cause of the violence is coming to light. We have seen the Kikuyu brutality move, as if it had no roots, first to Nakuru, then to Naivasha, and now to Nairobi. It is as if they and, I think, their fellow killers from other tribes are hunting for the sorest spot where their fight might fuel a national conflagaration. They have caused much grief, yet the outrage is restrained. The fight is winding down rather than flaring up. The violent Mungiki are now upon Nairobi, where they are feared, but they have no real support, and they will prove themselves weak. I suspect a second reason for why they come to Nairobi is that they are going to their protectors, I can imagine in parts of the government (not all but parts of the police are rotten, as was clear in Naivasha), but also in the ruling party (in which I can imagine there are links to the attack on Nakuru) and the opposition party (in which I can imagine there are links to the massacre at Eldoret). Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: Thank you from Kenyans to the entire world. Thank you for urging action, comforting, suggesting, hoping, articulating, encouraging, wondering and holding hands. Thank you, Janet, Pamela, A, Meadowlea, Joy, Asif, R, Sasha, Benoit, Fred, Kiyavilo, Josephat, Prosper, Primson, William, Steve, Samuel, John, Markus, Jeff, Irena, Eluned, Cass, Jerry and all! Read more...

JanetFeldman: Issues related to land, the colonial past (favoritism of some tribes over others), poverty, lack of opportunity-education-hope, ethnic clashes, HIV/AIDS, hunger: all of these play a role. So many young people face what appears to be a bleak or uncertain future ... 1) all parties to this conflict (whether political or tribal) are responsible for what has happened, and what will happen 2) the "language" that we use to describe people and situations is also important, so that we don't start to "pigeonhole" (stereotype) people, as this is just what is happening now in Kenya. ... Rachel and team, I want to make sure that what you are doing is spread far and wide, both as a story in its own right, and also linked to our collective work here. Read more... ... Here is a donation [$1,000] for Rachel's work, and of course our own. Let's confer and confirm how to use that for best effect (ie laptop, ads, airtime...all of the above )

AndriusKulikauskas: Janet if you are around in the next hour or so I would gladly strategize with you regarding the next month or so. We had a good chat today with Rachel, Ken, David present and I was emboldened to say we might together seek $100,000 to distribute this month. ... I'm thinking about my own role - both as a strategy leader and as a fund organizer - and the basis for any such role (Kenyan based or outside based) and the governance mechanism for our pyramid. The current arrangement is unusual but there is something extremely effective about it, too. ... I am delighted by our Kenyan leaders, both those whose great stature has made itself evident, and those who have risen to the occassion, and likewise all around the world who have come together as one family. ... I invite us to consider this as the first steps on the ground of a twenty year journey to remake our world in the spirit that we live today. Read more...

February 1, 2008

VOA; Rape in Kenya Used as Weapon in Political Unrest by Lisa Schlein

Re: Janet, may I call you? My story

A draft of The state of the lab

Urgent: : Ken, David, Andrius, All//Warden Sheltering 800+ People of All Ethnicities Needs Help

Love is a Command for our Pyramid of Peace

PLEASE help me coming to kenya

Press Release; News from Wesley Chirchir?

Re: Funding: Needs and Donations/Tom Ochuka and his community/arts and sports

Mia Collis: William Kimosop is the Warden for Bogoria and all the surrounding areas and he has spent the last two days trying to get people to safety. He now has 865 people of all ethnic groups from the Solai area hiding in a ravine where he is trying by himself to protect them. Three babies have been born in the last few days and there is no food and water. He needs UN help urgently! He himself is feeling threatened to the point where he has had to remove his government number plates off his car for fear of attack. His telephone number is 0720 317 760. William is reluctant to report it to the police or army because he feels they are now divided in that area and he does not want to report it to someone on the "wrong" side. JanetFeldman: Does anyone know how to reach the Kenya Red Cross directly, or the UN in Nairobi? William's phone is listed, so I wonder if we can call (Ken, David?). I thought I'd try to send him some airtime, and can do the same for whoever reaches and talks with him. AndriusKulikauskas: William said the people are all out of danger now. They managed to walk away in groups from the area. He said it would be helpful if we sent some air time, 5,000 Ksh or 10,000 Ksh (about $100 or $200). I ask our Kenyan leaders to send at least 1,000 Ksh and to contact him.

AndriusKulikauskas: I share my first letter as Commander-in-Chief of the Pyramid of Peace ... DennisKimambo +254 722 388 275 called me, I called back and spoke over speakerphone with him, RachelWambuiKungu +254 721 626 389, KennedyOwino +254 723 568 251, DavidMutua +254 720 462 559 and a few others (I don't know exactly who). They shared their plan for immediate priorities in February:

  • Publish an advertisement in a national newspaper for the Pyramid of Peace...
  • Identifying contacts for Pyramid of Peace and holding a meeting.
  • Organize a fact finding mission in the Kalenjin area.
  • Organize teleconferencing between the tribal youths.
  • Lead a Peace Caravan.
I then asked what role they thought I should play. They are happy with my leadership. I asked if I might lead as I have and they agreed. I asked if the Minciu Sodas laboratory might be the distributor of funds for Pyramid of Peace and they agreed. I asked what should my role be called. They said, CEO. No, I said, I wish to be Commander. They laughed, but they agreed. I am the Commander-in-Chief and my key activity is to assign Commanders in Kenya. I give the name Commander to DennisKimambo, KennedyOwino and RachelWambuiKungu. The title Commander is for those who have proven that they are able to take up the concerns of all Kenyans and lead us all in our response. We agreed that RachelWambuiKungu will be our Commander-of-Operations for the next seven days. This means that she is our leader in Kenya responsible for our strategy and tactics and for distributing our funds. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: I asked about the Mungiki in Nairobi and they said that they have melted away. I did ask them to reach out into the political structure, both towards the manipulators and towards the peacemakers, and include those who might participate in our Pyramid of Peace. I think it is good for the Pyramid of Peace to meet. I suggest that we invest in Nakuru as our center of operations because it served us all as a haven for peace, it includes a variety of tribes, it is centrally situated in the heart of the troubles, it needs attention, it keeps us clear of opportunists, and it gives us our own base of influence. Also, I think it would be good to distance ourselves from Nairobi politics. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: I told our leaders that they have achieved wonderful results in one month. I told them that if they did this for twelve months straight, they could lead or organize the national unity government for Kenya. Most likely, the government will get its act together by six months or so, and this won't come to happen. Our successes will make it try harder. I made clear our leaders' potential. I add that our focus is to do what the government can't do. In particular, we will respond with vigor to stop any hint of genocide. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: I explained what I mean by Commander. I have learned that I should command our leaders to take care of themselves, to provide for themselves, to keep a part for themselves, their families, and their own giving, as they judge. This is the nature of our command.

  • I command myself and all of our leaders to always look after each other and make sure that we are getting sleep and rest as possible.
  • I command myself and all of our leaders to never make or allow any command to take away, frustrate, harm or diminish anybody's free will or freedom of conscience. Read more...
TheresaBakalarz: I'm writing very desperate and with tears in my eyes. TOMORROW my flight is going from Vienna (Austria) to Nairobi. After that I have a flight to Kisumu. I am going to stay near Bondo like I told you before. My problem now is that my parents dont want me to go. ... PLEASE! COULD SOMEONE OF YOU WRITE DOWN very clear how situation is in Kisumu, Bondo or Nyang'oma. Read more... Hezekaih: I knows Bondo my be calm but i strongly object you taking the trip now, i recomend that you delay it even fo 2 weeks and study the situation. JanetFeldman: Thanks to Hez and Tom for their feedback to you, Theresa, and I think it would be best if you would wait too. ... In the meantime, you can still do fundraising and friendraising for our members in Kisumu--including Tom and Hez-- as money, supplies, and friends who will be aware and supportive of our members and work are invaluable. Read more...

KennedyOwino: Please find the the attached press release, and give in comments asap, before we publish it Tommorow Saturday. PressRelease: Posted to the Nation media. This press release carries a statement from the Naivasha Youths gathered in a meeting facilitated by a number of Kenyan Youth Organizations all united under the umbrella of "PYRAMID OF PEACE" Pyramid Of Peace (P.O.P) was an idea conceptualized after the post election turmoil that erupted in Kenya. It was thought by independent thinkers through their online networking forum called Minciu Sodas laboratory (M.S.L) http://www.ms.lt The idea initially was to send phone airtime to affected Kenyan M.S.L participants which they could later trade for food, cash, medicines and other necessities. Later as the network grew the idea further developed into sharing the airtime with others who were equally affected, and also encouraging sharing between the fighting communities in the spirit of “embracing ones enemy” The P.O.P leaders in Kenya have visited Eldoret, Nakuru, and Naivasha areas affected by the crisis despite the insecurity to meet their fellow youths. Why? Do a fact finding and reality check, and dialogue on an active non violence with the victims and with the real fighters unleashing terror. Youths are being used in the violence. Below is the statement from the Kikuyu youths from Naivasha. They are willing to negotiate for Peace and Justice and to show this commitment, they agreed to unblock the roads from 30th February and for the next 7days with request that:

  • Kalenjin youths should desist from violence immediately
  • Rift valley leaders to go back to the ground and talk to their constituents on what exactly devolution of power means.
  • There is no justice in causing injustice to others (killing innocent people, arson, and terror )
  • Willing for dialogue between Kikuyus and the Kalenjins.
  • The leaders of Kenya should recognize the youths in leadership and involve them in decision making.
P.O.P. is requesting leaders concerned to stop saying that they are going to go to the ground. We have taken the initiative and risked our lives on voluntary basis to reach out to the fighters and the affected who are all willing to dialogue. Our leaders, please go to the ground, talk while walking, and also support peace initiatives on the ground. Kenyans, please embrace your own enemy, and put Humanity before politics. The Pyramid Of Peace Kenyan leaders who are drawn from various Youth organizations all connected together by the online forum, and their cell phones include: For further information, link up on http://www.pyramidofpeace.net

February 2, 2008

Peacemaker Ronald Odhiambo in Naivasha

Updates from Nakuru

Corporate sponsorships for Pyramid of Peace?

Re: Commander / Coordinator...Franz: I Agree

RonaldOdhiambo: i was also able to meet with an IDP named CATHRINE MAtindachege displaced from the Creative rossses flower farm because she is Kikuyu but luhya.she saw one of the neighbour,a lady of 3 kids hacked to death because she was luo and she ran to the Naivasha Prisons for protection. with help from red cross we were able to give her safe passage to town where i paid her fare to nairobi to some relative.she arrived safe afew hours ago am now in nakuru where in the next 45 minutes will be meeting with the group for football but i will refferee the game and also i got food from the red cross and some few clothes for them. Dennis thanks for the transportation of the kids and some families. Read more... AndriusKulikauskas: You are a peacemaker and I give you the title Peacemaker.

CollinsOdour: The internaly displaced in Nakuru have started working their way out of the camps by hiring a truck as a group. I came up with the idea because I wanted to find out the spirit of participatory development hence involving the people to come up with thier own solution to their problems and it is working. Read more...

WesleyChirchirChebii: They said they could not afford to close down these barricades because of the constant rumors they receive on a daily basis. Most of the rumors were about the prospect of Mungiki being dropped by the Nation newspaper vans to some parts of Eldoret and western Kenya to rein terror on unsuspecting Kenyans. We requested to be shown the test messages and we actually confirmed more than 20 SMS containing such messages of impending attack on the people of western Kenya. We asked them to explain why they were extorting money from motorists and they said they were not getting any support from the community despite being there day in day out. They said they were volunteering their time and bravery and expected the people themselves to reciprocate by donating money, which they were not getting. ... Finally we gave air time to 12 of them. I gave out two balls to them with the instructions that the should form a football team, where all youth from their neighborhood should be enlisted to play. THEY WERE VERY HAPPY. Read more...

JanetFeldman: I have strong concerns about this, not only about the words and the labels, but about the concepts and structures related to it, and the process which flows from it. ... However, when it comes to decisions about what we are doing in our collective endeavors (the POP being one such), and which do very much involve the rest of us as "partners", not subordinates--including those of us who are giving a great deal of time, energy, love, treasure, participation, and even many participants (Dennis-Rachel-Tom-Ron-Ronald-Collins have come from my networking and organizations)--there is another process, structure, "wording" which is important to envision and encourage. I may or will send my letter to Holistic Helping (I don't want it to impede our emergency work at this time, but I do regard it as bedrock for our work overall) but here I will say that I am available ... to talk, both about the next phase of our work and what we are doing overall, but also about the way in which we conceptualize that work and make it operational. This is part of my own investigatory question and focus, and where I have arrived after many years in social-change organizations, in my work in Africa, and in holistic helping and development. Thank you so much for encouraging myself and others to share our views growth-personal development-visions, Andrius and everyone. I look forward to many more years (let alone lifetimes and incarnations ) of learning, working, dreaming, and "being" together. Read more...

February 3, 2008

Re: My Feedback on Funding/Peacemakers and Commanders/our mutual work

AndriusKulikauskas: I dealt with an immediate crisis which is how to apply our laboratory's capability to help our participants and all who they might help further. This generated the solution of working primarily with a single contact person in Kenya, Dennis Kimambo, who then distributed resources hierarchically. Even early on I was making sure that we were helping those who were outside of our network yet in even greater danger ... The Pyramid of Peace is a leadership structure that focuses resources on "the root problem". As a leader, I have wrenching conversations, for example, with RonOdhiambo to explain that I am very sad that his he may lose his house, but that I intend to pour all of our resources into Naivasha, because that is where the root problem is at that particular time. As it turned out, this was a successful decision, as not only did Rachel's team free that road, but so many other problems were solved, perhaps millions of dollars worth, aiding thousands of people. As a leader, I took responsibility, I chose the leaders, I suggested the strategy, I distributed the resources. I have done this in a vacuum of leadership. In our group, I am the one who is bold enough, sure enough, able enough, and loved enough to take upon myself the endeavor of rooting out any cause for genocide. In all of Kenya, the Pyramid of Peace is one of the very few groups directly working on this, and it's very likely that we are the most effective. ... Currently, my role as Commander-in-Chief is helpful in the following ways ... Read more

February 4, 2008

February 5, 2008

Collins Odour: Updates from Nakuru

Janet! Rachel, Kennedy, priorities

Re: Wesley Chirchir reports from Eldoret

Motherly long term, Fatherly short term

CollinsOdour: The cry at the Nakuru town camps is that people have homes and the only way to prevent them from thinking evil from what happened to them they must find a way back home. Today have I spent time talking to the people who want to travel back home then and that was their feeling. I approached a friend who works with a local church organization who promised to partially support the initiative so we agreed that those who can contribute 400 ksh the church will top up for them transport to their homes so the lucky ones have registered and will be living tomorrow to their rural homes. Read more...

WesleyChirchirChebii: I have planned a series of meetings tomorrow with youth in Kapsabet and Turbo, where huge roadblocks have been erected. Baraton University is now engulfed in uncertainty as most students of Adventist faith come from the Kisii community. They are scared stiff of a possible attack by the local youth. Now I plan to be there tomorrow in the afternoon to be able to speak to the youth there but also reassure the university administration. From there I will roll down to Kapsabet where I will engage the youth there for a whole day. I will come back to Eldoret on Thursday and on Friday; we will hold a PEACE MONUMENT in Eldoret where we will lay flowers for very lost soul/person. The venue is going to be outside the Eldoret Municipal Grounds and we intend to invite all peace loving people, resident in Eldoret to participate in this epic event. We intend to involve members of the Pyramid of Peace- in this case, Rachael and any other members of the network. Read more...

February 6, 2008

Peace Circle Dialogue

February 7, 2008

Re: Building the economy through Peace Centres.

Re: Peace Monument” in Eldoret town on 12th February 2008.

Wiki messages: Including women and youth

I hope to attend News Tools 2008

Sample letter of Public support

PamelaMacLean: There has been much damage so there will need to be rebuilding. What if PoP was able to help with rebuilding in some way? What if PoP started by building local Peace Centres. ... Initially the Peace Centres could help to provide temporary shelter or other facilities for displaced people if necessary. They would of course have good communication links from the start - thanks to PoP phones initially; then sneakernet, Includers etc; and, later on, full connectivity. The centres could gradually become centres of education and training, as well as sports and arts and general community centres - power houses of innovation, conflict resolution and peacebuilding, vocational skiil building, health education, enterprise development incorporating micro finance and other enabling services etc. Read more...

WesleyChirchirChebii: Thus we will be meeting Eldoret to hold prayers and the laying of flowers at a designated place outside of the Mayors office, Eldoret. The council has already given us the site and indeed the Town Clerk has agreed to grace the occasion and be among the many dignitaries that have been invited. This event will be an occasion to commemorate the deaths of hundreds of people who died during the post-violence skirmishes in North Rift and indeed the whole of Kenya. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: We agreed that 200 USD is sufficient for the meeting which we will pursue in the spirit of Jesus who fed the thousands with nothing. As we discussed, let's be creative with our symbols. Bottled water is a symbol of separateness, whereas if we ladle water from a common vessel, that is our unity. (And costs much less.) Similarly, we invite people by asking them to help us. We ask people to bring chairs. We ask people to bring food. We ask people to bring flowers. We ask people to bring symbols of peace and decorations. We ask people to bring songs and dance. Please ask the Bishop of Eldoret, he is a hero and surely he will note every symbol. Read more...

PerpetualWarutere: We travelled to Naivasha together with rachael,where there were new skirmishes in the last 2weeks,we made a progressive impact in that the kikuyu fighters promised not to block the main Highway Nairobi-Nakuru. I noted that women were sidelined for like in that meeting we held at Naivasha with the fighters, presence of women was unfelt, unrecognised. I enquired why they were not invited and we were told that even if they were there, they would juz talk about rape and nothing else. This statement really touched me,felt how women are undermined,of no great importance in the society as in this case. My wish is if we could have a meeting with them as we did with the kikuyu fighters,by your help,they would have a chance to open up on issues relating to rape, insecurity, unacceptability by the community for the rape victims,We'l also have a counselling session to the traumatised, and in this way will learn from them and be in a position to interact openly. As said once you educate a woman,you have educated the whole community, we would be greatfull to preach peace to women too. Read more...

RobertMuturi: i have worked with rachel and played a significant part by providing her with some of the contacts for youths i know in naivasha since some are my former classmates. as a form four leaver i know a number of youths in nakuru who are being recruited to join mungiki.i would like to volunteer to go nakuru for a fact finding mission and trying to talk to the young people and convince them to avoid the recruitment, and also to stop the violence in the area and live in peace. ... yesterday a friend of mine from the area contacted me and said that the tension is rising in nakuru since there is a group of youths who are planning to take a revenge very soon. ... i will to convince them to avoid the training and maintain peace. being young man of their age i think they will listen to me. Read more...

chrise: kenya community in lecce,italy , am travelling to roma italy to meet M en other kenyas to see where can we help back home, currently lets preach peace in our mind Read more...

liz: I am in awe of what you are doing... this is really a model like no other... the world should watcj amd learn from this. I knew technology would be a driving force for mediation one day! Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: I would love to attend Net Tools 2008 and make all manner of contacts, but especially with potential "friendly customers" (BBC, CNN, WorldSpace, RedCross, WHO,...) who might give us 100,000 USD or more of work to mobilize hundreds or thousands of correspondents. I am also looking for corporate sponsors of the leaders of our Pyramid of Peace (as if peacemakers were athletes). And I am very keen to synergize with others and to learn how we might find work for our global team, what would be most useful? Read more...

February 8, 2008

VOA: Diplomatic Initiatives Multiply in Attempt to Resolve Kenya Crisis by Derek Kilner

Work programs and Pyramid of Peace in Chicago

Hello from Barcamp Baltics

AndriusKulikauskas: DavidEllisonBey agreed that we apply the Pyramid of Peace to stop genocide in the South Side of Chicago where you work. The challenge there is much greater than what we face in Kenya. In Kenya the murder rate (from the turmoil) is 1 in 3,500 per year (in one month 800 were killed out of 39 million). Where you work, it is 1 in 1,000 per year. Kenya is experiencing strife from a rigged election where the opposition almost won. In Chicago, there is a one-party machine that invades all aspects of life, a family dynasty that is practically unchallenged since 1955, and a populace that prides itself on this lack of democracy. In Kenya, gangs of youth are walking around with machetes. In Chicago, they are driving around with guns. In Kenya, houses are being burned down. In the South Side, they have already been burned down, 40% of the lots are empty. In Kenya, people are segregating themelves. Where you work, they are already segregated, 99% of the people are Black Americans. In Kenya, there are 300,000 displace people. On the South Side there is half million people who are mentally interned, who are conditioned not to leave their ghetto, and whose youth fear to do so. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: One of our challenges now is how to share resources, how to take turns, how to help each other. ... I thank Rachel for outstanding work as a leader but also for swiftly correcting an overstep with the help of R, Kennedy, Janet and all. Rachel rushed to purchase a laptop which is much needed but yet we had not confered regarding the source and the price which was higher than expected. Rachel agreed to my suggestion that the $1,000 laptop would be paid for by $500 from the Pyramid of Peace, $200 from her own money that she had contributed, and $300 for work for our lab some time in the future. Then Janet agreed to send me $300 and Rachel will do some work for her which is even better. So together we pulled out a thorn. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: I have asked our current Commander-of-Operations Kennedy Owino to help us give more of our Peacemakers the opportunity to prove themselves as able to serve as Commanders. I think of a Peacemaker as anybody who is able to embrace their enemy. But a Commander must be able to think broader than just what they see around them, they must be able to care for all Kenyans, including those they don't see, and even give preference to others over themselves. This means that a Commander must not only be responsive to deserved criticism, but be vigilantly self-critical, which is a practice with no rest. Read more...

February 9, 2008

Collins Odour pictures from Nakuru

Phillip Odhiambo Otieno of Kenya Young Greens

Kennedy, master the art of retreat

Video interview with Andrius Kulikauskas at Bar Camp Latvia

CollinsOdour: Those photos are some of the work I have doing down in Nakuru just to make sure that people travel to their rural homes. I will be sending you a detailed account of the meeting I had with the islamic youths in nakuru and the Imams. I will also send you some deatils about the people who benefited from my initiative I just run out of intrenet airtime when I get money I will be able to communicate more information. Read more...

KennedyOwino: Thanks, am back in Nairobi, i feel traumatised and so stressed, i think i will need to find something to uplift my spirits today. Yesterday morning we met with Ronald Omondi From Kisumu, he is in Nairobi for awhile following up on a proposal. We discussed on ways forward to initiating a grassroot group in Kisumu that we would work with us in our peace and development initiatives. In Naivasha we succesfully started a grassroot group comprising of 42 Youths and women. Rachel will report on this. We were able to meet up with Ronald Odhiambo who is at the moment volunteering with Red cross in Naivasha, and shared briefly. He is working under due risks, since he is a luo and always covering up with the red cross jacket. He came to the meeting but could not stay, his presence raised tension. Today morning i am receiving a text message from him "morning? u guys did you arrive safe? well i don't know but i feel low about this peace thing.my brother got beaten and cut yesterday night" I don't know wether his brother survived. My head is whirling and i can't find myself. i was in a meeting under the disguise of being a Taita from Mombasa, my tribe- luo- got very scathing verbal attacks and i had to swallow hard lest i get discovered and executed. Anyway, i was an enemy in the midst of aggressors, helping them find a solution to peace and developmet. I am trying to embrace an enemy but i feel heaviness in my heart. I bumped into my Kikuyu friend in Naivasha, he was totally lost and confused, the long narration he gave me on his experiences left me numb and weak psychologically. Eight members of his family gone, within a month, and still thirty members of his family still leaving under risk either in camps or hiding in the forest.. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: I share your letter because we need so much to understand you. Your travel to Naivasha is questionable but certainly if you end up lying about yourself then I take it is a failure of your heart. Ronald Odhiambo's wearing of the Red Cross jacket is also questionable. I urge you to stick to the truth and then see how far you can go with it and go no further. If you are frightened, then confront the one you fear. Don't be trapped by your fear until they've hurt you. But if they hurt you and you are sad as you are now, then retreat and renew, let others lead. But I hope you might lead for a while through your planned travels as our Commander-of-Operations because you are a wonderful leader. And please know that retreat requires more skill than advance. And the greatest wars are won by simply retreating, never advancing. Think of the American Revolution and every other such struggle. So master the skill of retreat. Study your emotions and how they relate to the ways of getting things done. Here are my conclusions:

  • When at peace, respond
  • When content, delegate
  • When excited, initiate
  • When surprised, articulate
  • When sad, retreat, renew
  • When disgusted, make yourself heard
  • When frightened, confront
  • When in suspense, apply sheer will
But you do your own investigation here, all of us should! Lead on, and truly now is a good time to retreat to see what can we do with the most minimal resources and then we will be able to use maximal resources as they come. Peace (I embrace you) and Love (I command you) Read more...

KennedyOwino: Wesley is coming to Nairobi on Monday, we will sit and converse. He says you informed him that you will send him $200 through me. They have postponed their event to Thursday next week. We are planning to visit Kuresoi (Achamis area) on Tuesday, then Eldoret (Wesley and KennethChelimo) on Thursday, then Nandi hills on Saturday 16th Feb ('s zone) and finish up with Nakuru (DennisKimambo and RonaldOdhiambo). This will be a week of ensuring that we have grassroot groups in the areas mentioned above in preparation for the reconciliation and healing process. Rachel will report in detail. Read more...

February 10, 2008

US/UK Twin or Sister Cities as possible source of PoP funding.

R: Kericho is sister town of Portsmouth, Virginia. This gave me the idea that twin or sister cities in the USA or UK might be possible sources of funding and expertise for the Pyramid of Peace work, if someone approached them. JanetFeldman: If we could integrate the POP and our other peace endeavors with the telecenter network and the Sister Cities network in Kenya, that would build some wonderful synergies, and it might make the Peace and URC/Unity Centers more do-able throughout the country in a shorter time period. FranzNahrada: the telecentre / POP connection together with the sister city proposal could be the birthplace of a whole country and global network of global villages. I see enormous opportunity to turn the horrible crisis into a possibility for new and unprecedented developments - as you do.

February 11, 2008

Grassroots Journey, Retreat and Ambush

Re: Updates from Nakuru

Re: Rachel: Greatest Thanks!!/Safaricom approaches/funding and needs

AndriusKulikauskas: We agree about our current priorities which I call "journey" and "retreat" and I also add my own thoughts about "ambush". I will explain how I evaluate the situation as a chessplayer. Once again there seems to be a lull in the violence. I think it shows that Kenyans are a people of peace. Yes, there are many deep problems, but time and again the violence goes down. There do seem to be instigators who work hard to set people against each other. And they seem to be organized by local politicians, perhaps several members of parliament who lost in the elections. And now I imagine they have been reigned in as Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga are trying to show that they are negotiating. But I think neither is interested that the other win. Neither understands the logic of "love your enemy". ... Kennedy and Rachel and I agree that our priority is now for our leadership to travel to the most recent areas of violence and show that we all care, check the reality, get to know our local leaders, and understand local priorities. ... I ask us to realize that currently we have few funds left and I have not yet been successful in raising more. We are therefore preparing a tactical "retreat", which is to say, instead of "advancing" and engaging our enemies, we will focus to organize ourselves locally at each of our locations, and stay in touch by phone and Internet rather than by traveling. At each location we want to have a clear leader and a clear "peace center" for developing our ICT skills and for organizing the beginnings of a "global village". ... As we work on our long term local grassroots development we will use less resources, we will develop more local resources, and we will also "lay low" to see "who is who". I encourage us to keep our eyes open and see who are the people locally (in the community, the police, the government, the opposition) who "work for free" and who are the people who seek control or are selfish. ... my feeling is that we should prepare for the next outbreak of violence. Let's keep practicing our skills as peacemakers, engaging people different from ourselves, and also talking with others what the next outbreak might be and trying to think creatively with each other how we might respond to "love our enemy". When the outbreak happens, perhaps in two or three weeks, I plan us to "ambush" the instigators with the love that we will prepare for them in our hearts. We will try to have money and resources and contacts ready on-the-ground so that we can act swiftly. And please know in each location that you can take authority to act, but confer and coordinate with your local leader. Read more...

CollinsOdour: Still dressed in my three sweat shirts in the name of keeping vigil waiting for Mungiki, oh no I only had 2 hours of sleep. ... When the post election skirmishes rocked most parts of Kenya Nakuru was very peaceful. But now we have abused that love, we live in hope, sleep with worry, and walk with tension because [the Mungiki] have officially taken over the economy of Nakuru and they are here to stay. We used to watch them on TV on the news but now we see them harassing women and business owners in the town especially Matatu [bus] operators. ... The matatu drivers and touts need be reached out with peace messages because very soon they will be reacting violently to the Mungiki madness in Nakuru. Read more...

JanetFeldman: I am now looking at some materials for guidance and ideas in this regard, and let us brainstorm here about what should be included in this new "Kenyan Constitution", as well as what that will look like when applied at ground level. ... It appears that our dreams, our hopes, and our activities will be needed now more than ever, as the power-sharing announced yesterday has been followed by the news today that both parties are retreating from their earlier indication of willingness to work together. Having studied conflict and its resolution for a long time now, this looks to me to be very much what happens when parties make steps which are scary to them, especially ones where they may appear to be conceding something to the other party. ... You ask in one note who should contact Safaricom, and I would suggest that we take two (twin) approaches: I think you or someone among us in Kenya should approach them. AND that one or more of us (together as a group) elsewhere--Andrius, R, myself, Pam, Joy, and others--should or could also approach them. Read more...

February 12, 2008

VOA: Elitism and Poverty Drive Kenya Crisis by Darren Taylor

Eldoret Peace Pyramid Starts with Meeting Bishop Korir

Safaricom and Pyramid of Peace

Re: POP - Eldoret Function

KennethChelimo: This is to report to you that today as part of the preparation for the Pyramid of Peace function in Eldoret on Friday, Wesley and I met Catholic Bishop Cornelius Korir +254 20 44833, +254 722 848 367 whom we approached to grace the Friday function at the Eldoret town Hall gardens where the pyramid of peace will be located. Bishop Korir is known for his bold, courageous, humanitarian and spiritual step to protect thousands of IDPs in his church for several weeks. ... The bishop was very much encouraged by the activities of PoP in Kenya saying it was in the right direction especially at this time when Kenyans need healing and reconciliation. He advised PoP activities to be extended to Mt. Elgon Region where he said had been neglected dispite the intensity of viloence in the region pitting several communities. ... During the meeting, the Bishop advised PoP to convene a meeting of Elders from warring communities in a bid to harmonize spiritual feelings before praying together on Friday. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: Dear Michael Joseph, CEO of Safaricom, ... I suggest three ways how Safaricom and Pyramid of Peace might work together to revive Kenya in this time of crisis:

  • Distributing Safaricom airtime as a community currency
  • Organizing a network of peace centers that make good use of ICT
  • Sponsoring peacemakers as if they were athletes

KennethChelimo: Today we were able to meet over 40 spiritual elders from different communities and different denominations (churches) who were meeting in Eldoret town. Sammy Chemwei +254 722402714 who happens to know the elders introduced me to them and we were able to convince them to attend the Friday function and to impress upon their followers to do the same. We exhorted them to continue preaching and promoting peace ... All of them welcomed POP initiative and termed it a "God-Send" event. ... We have also contacted community FM stations around the region and three of them SAYARE FM, Radio Rehema and Fish Fm have agreed to air our peace message to people and invite them to attend the friday function carrying white flowers or roses or white armbands as sign of peace. ... I have already instructed a carpenter to construct a simple pyramid where white flowers will be placed on Friday on the grounds of Eldoret town Hall. Since the violence broke out in December supply of timber and other building materials have dwindled skyrocketing prices of such commodities. The cost of constructing the simple pyramid of peace cost 180 dollars. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: You are building a pyramid, yet please consider that the image for our Pyramid of Peace is the human pyramids that the Nafsi Afrika Acrobats formed with acrobats from different tribes. Perhaps Kennedy can teach young and old how to build such human pyramids? Also, you might think to build the pyramid flat at the top, without a capstone, for the the capstone is small yet gives the shape to the pyramid, and the capstone is not visible, yet is our unity. They say the Great Pyramid of Egypt is without a capstone. If a child might stand on it, as a leader for the moment, then I like that, too. Be inspired with your symbols! ... I ask BenoitCouture and Meadowlea and others at our Loving God group to think how we might pray together around the world. Read more...

RachelWambuiKungu: Andrius, i lead young men in Naivasha not Mungiki. Kindly respect that. Read more...

February 13, 2008

VOA: Intellectuals say Post-Election Conflict Could Create Improved Kenya by Darren Taylor

Re: Safaricom and Pyramid of Peace/some feedback on letter

My Address to Peacemakers of Eldoret

POP - Final preparations for Eldoret function

JanetFeldman: Andrius, I think that--when you describe POP--it might be more accurate to say that you are the founder/director of Minciu Sodas, and one of the core leaders and co-founders of the Pyramid of Peace, along with a number of Kenyan and globally-based members of Minciu Sodas. This POP endeavor would not have happened without a huge amount of "ownership" by a large number of people who have built the initiative from the ground up.I also think we need to be extremely careful in talking abt concepts like "genocide" ... and in describing the genesis and/or "centralizing influence" for POP as being from outside of Kenya, especially to Kenyan entities whose help we are seeking. ... On sending airtime, I believe that was a wonderful example of the collective mind at work. ... Asif (MamaMikes) and then R (Sambazanow) told us about airtime donations and who we could make them through, Andrius and others like M embraced the idea, and many of us have sent aircredits since, which has proved to be a highly innovative way of providing crucial help in times of extreme crisis. ... I also need to express a word of great caution when it comes to using terms chosen to address internal structures of communication and leadership with people and orgs outside of our inner circle. ... The word "commander"--which Franz, Pam, myself, and others have all expressed concerns about--is a case in point. Read more...

KennethChelimo: So far we have invited 50 leaders of different organizations including churches, business, government, parastatals, NGOs, educational institutions etc. We have secured a tent from Red Cross which can accomodate 60 people. I have instructed the carpenter making the pyramid to design it as per your request. ... During our course of networking we met a senior police officer Mr Ondie +254 722 256 299 dispatched by the government from Nairobi to promote peace in the Rift Valley Region. He invited us for a peace meeting in eldoret tomorrow. He promised to join and support the activities of Pyramid of Peace in Kenya by taking our message to the Government. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: John Rogers noted the idea of "work parties" (to rebuild or build a home, center, road) as practiced by Sarvodaya in Sri Lanka http://www.sarvodaya.org where they say "the people build the road and the road builds the people". Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: Children of God, Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. You are children of God, for you do as God does. God is Creator, and you are co-creators. Make peace among us, the peace God makes in each of us, the day of rest within our hearts. I share with you my vision of peace. I ask you for your vision of peace, and also, your vision of justice. I call myself the Commander-in-Chief of the Pyramid of Peace. I am alone, far away, and I think of you. I was a child and I thought of you. I will grow old and remember you. I am the child of good fortune. I understood that my gifts and talents are not mine, but given to me, not for my sake, but to serve all. I take complete responsibility to love you that you might remake our world. As much as you wish, I command you to love your enemy, to take care of yourselves and your friends, and to be at peace. Love is a command of the Pyramid of Peace. I was alone, just as God is alone, just as you are alone, thinking my own thoughts. I thought, let us love those who are alone. ... We ask ourselves, What is your deepest value in all of your life? What is a question that you don't know the answer to, but wish to answer? What would you like to achieve? ... I think that we will understand each other when we build from the heavens down to the earth. I was told, What you believe is what happens. And I believe.

  • Let us start with God, the one who is alone, the one who knows us all, the one who dreams even when we do not dream, and let us welcome God so that he walks among us, as if we are children. God is the top of the Pyramid of Peace.
  • Let us then take a step down to earth and add ourselves as the people who are alone, the independent thinkers, just as God is. Let us know ourselves, what is the deepest value in our heart, and we will shine like the stars in the sky, which see the whole sky, but each from its own place, and asking questions of each other, heart to heart. There is no shortage of land in the sky!
  • And then let us take a second step down and find each other in every village, and every neighborhood, in twos and threes and more, and say, we can live as a peace village. Let us learn from each other the beauty of our souls, and how we can share that with others with technology, and how we can bond with others through our work together, but especially to include all the people.
  • And then a third step down to earth, let us send those who truly wish to learn so they might go from village to village with their questions, and learn the wisdom of the independent thinkers, and bring forth a university for self-learning.
  • And then a fourth step down, let us come together as we do today, and hold festivals that transform our surroundings, so that even the greatest skeptic can say, I have seen and I believe that a new world is here to stay.
  • And then a fifth step down to earth, let us be stewards for every matter, every concern, so that those who care are those who come together to work in the associations.
  • And with a sixth and final step we might reach the earth, and every tribe, every nation, every culture, every language will help us understand how to unravel our conflicts and share our world and enjoy as we share.
  • Then finally, on this earth, in the peace of all who are alone, we may be one in justice, in a kingdom of heaven, where what we believe is what happens.
I was a child, I am a fool, and the kingdom of heaven will be ours to share. You may know better. So, please, do better. ... Let us do what we can now. I myself expect that in two or three weeks Kenyans will suffer again from the violence of an enemy who wishes to incite genocide. I command us, Love your enemy. ... Practice this as I have, with one angry youth, and two and three and five and twenty. My plan is that we will prepare now and on the day of violence we will surprise our enemy with our love.

February 14, 2008

VOA: Kenya Violence Hurts Flower Exports for Valentine's Day by Scott Bobb

Vision of Global Villages; Vision of Motherly Constitution

FranzNahrada: From the perspective of the individual, especially of the independent thinkers that we care for, villages in the broadest sense are environments where there is potentially a larger degree of freedom and choice. ... It is self-explanatory that we are far away from even coming close to the vision of GlobalVillages just outlined, but we can start weaving the pattern by understanding that each and every telecenter, networked education place, virtual cooperationproject, sharing of information and so on is a tiny step towards a great goal. Read more...

February 15, 2008

VOA: Kenyans Hopeful Rice Visit Would Help Resolve Post-Election Crisis by Peter Clottey

Kenneth's report from Eldoret and Andrius's reply

KennethChelimo: The Eldoret Pyramid of Peace is now mounted strategically infront of the Eldoret Municipal Council Town Hall to serve as a monument to mark the start of peace initiative in the region - thanks to a successful event held to day. The white painted Pyramid with catchy words "PYRAMID OF PEACE" is attracting alot of attention in the town with the white rose flowers placed round the pyramid in three layers. It signifies peace, peace and peace. Todays ceremony was marked with pomp and colour. Hundreds of people turned up to witness the event. They included religious leaders, NGo representatives, civic and government officials, parastatal, business people and the members of the public from all wals of life. They trooped into the ground starting at 9am. They listened carefully to peace messages delivered by the speakers. Many paid tribute to the speech by Andrius read on his behalf by myself. They took note of Andrius empathy to suffering kenyans and his quest for peace yet he was thousands of kilometres away. ... Yesterday POP team in Eldoret Rachel, David, Ken Owino and myself were joined by Eldoret Town and Environs Development association (ETEDA) chairman Sammy Chemwey in a SAYARE TV live broadcast espounding on the virtues of peace. The live broadcast was accorded free by SAYARE TV owner Bishop Eli Rop +254 722 734 926 who was moderating the program. The POP team outlined the activities of POP in the peace process in regions affected by the post election violence. SAYARE TV and Radio has accepted to be hosting POP for one hour every thursday in its broadcasts to promote peace in the region. ... I attended a meeting convened by the police in Eldoret yesterday to set up the committees awhich agreed to work closely with POP in advocating for peace among the affected people. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: I am amazed at the great unity that you have brought together. I am sure that you pull us together also in the generous spirit which you share as a victim. You have lost your house and much that you care for. ... Kenneth, I hope that you might travel onward with Rachel, David, Kennedy and most importantly, meet with Dennis Kimambo in Nakuru as he returns. Dennis will lead us as our next Commander-of-Operations. Thank you, Kennedy Owino for your able leadership in these days. Kenneth, please prepare your spirit to serve all Kenyans as you have, I think you would also make a wonderful Commander. I will confer with our Commanders and unless I am wrong or our needs change unexpectedly, I hope in the near future to offer you this office to serve after Dennis. I also ask Rachel, Janet and all of us to identify more women who might serve in this office. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: Kennedy Owino +254 723 568 251, Rachel Wambui Kungu +254 721 626 389, Dennis Kimambo +254 722 388 275 +260 979 551 569, when you meet in Nakuru, please consider your plans for the next thirty days and also if you might organize a meeting of leaders from the locations of the Pyramid of Peace. I suggest the meeting take place in mid-March in Nakuru so that we might cultivate the city as a haven of peace. Also, I suggest that at least one woman and one youth come from each location to assure outreach and inclusion. When you meet this weekend, please make your plans and if you wish, please consider my offer to serve further as Commander-in-Chief with all authority to give and take authority, until we convene the mid-March meeting. I would use my authority to seek consensus on a structure that would serve us in peace and in nonviolence. Read more...

February 16, 2008

Re: Peace Center Discussion Group: TREE?/POP-PoP/"Harvest of Thought

PamelaMcLean: I guess it is time to start a new Minciu Sodas group to focus on Peace Centres and other PoP initiatives. ... I see the Peace Centres, as starting small, locally driven, globally served, ICT linked, adapted and replicated, where people are Helping Holistically and Learning Together, etc (i.e. including all MS groups that want to be included - "doing the ideas"). I see the as the Peace Centres are a practical manifestations of the ideas of the different "trees" in the orchard of thoughts. JoyTang: It is a great idea to have a focused discussion group on the 'peace center' idea. When in turmoil, we seek peace within and build peace by communication. In this era, we have the ICT (information and communication technologies) to facilitate the communication and connection. We reflect our innate wisdom through learning from each other and embracing indigenous culture and traditions as the ultimate technology. JanetFeldman: I think DavidMutua's ideas are a great way to get started: he has proposed a "tour of (peace) champions" to access readiness for such a center. Some Ken (Chelimo) and others may know abt already--such as UCRC (where KenTel is currently housed)--and they seem ready to start. AndriusKulikauskas: I would love for such a group to be part of our Minciu Sodas laboratory. I think it is the best investment in the long run if such a group is organized as a working group around some leader and their deepest value in life. We simply then need to think who might wish to lead such a group and host such work. We already have two groups that are relevant

February 17, 2008

Re: Hi Andrius, Janet, Pam and All,

KennedyOwino: We are travelling to Nakuru as conclusive to the frirst leg of our ground visits trip. We will have a crucial meeting with Dennis Kimambo, Dan Otedo, Wesley, Achami, Kenneth Chelimo, Collins Oduor and obviously Rachel, David Mutua and me. This meeting will define the next steps in our common endeavour for peace. Also David, Kenneth and Dan will have a separate meeting to harmonise their ideas on ICT for peace and Devp. Familiarization, sharing updates, ideas and testimonies, and discussing the rotational leadership trend we' wish to follow as Kenyan PoP Members are some of the issues to be looked into. An insight, personally speaking, the grassroot and fact finding trip has been an uphill task full of road blocks and challenges, exhilarating and exhausting at some levels. ... Thanks Andrius for the Authority you gave me to be a LEAD CHAMPION (not Commander of Operations) I served it with diligence and it was quite an enriching opportunity. It gave me experience, purpose, spirit and light to journey on. As I hand over to Dennis Kimambo, my gratitudes to all PoP Kenyan members for their trust and concern. You have all helped my inner peace grow and glow, creating peace, we all together mould peace!! AndriusKulikauskas: I transfer all of my authority to your group meeting in Nakuru. Read more...

KennedyOwino: I lost my phone found myself. [A thief snatched it from Kennedy through the car window as he was talking on it.] Though painful but after soul searching and deeper consulting with the inner me, I see it that there was reason and purpose that merited the loss. The phone is no big deal to me but losing my contact book is the least I anticipated. It has impacted negatively on my personal endeavour of expanding my own contacts and network. Though my comfort zone has been deprived, the other side of the coin is realizing that I had too much at the expense of those who needed desperately. Had I obeyed my preconceptions, I would have given my phone to somebody like Achami – of kuresoi (sorry I don’t have his number). I spent most of my entire time on the phone and my friends complained, I need a 2 months break without one. Thanks M, for your efforts to get me another phone through my Italian contacts but please I would like you to transfer this efforts for Achami instead. If you can raise enough money that would allow Achami purchase a phone with internet access, I would appreciate. Achami is hosting a number of IDPs in his homestead, a big risk that left me confounded. They are landlocked, he can’t access internet or other social services unless escorted by Policemen 12 Kms away. My next plan after this is to transfer my efforts back to the IDP camps in Nairobi for the next two weeks. I would wish to volunteer further, organize Music, Dance and Acrobatics training for the children and also a number of “Amani circus” Events. Read more...

February 18, 2008

VOA: Kenya's Opposition Says Power Sharing the Way Forward by James Butty

Re: To Andrius - Paypal allows people to send money to Kenya, etc.

Pyramid of Peace Update from Andrius

R: Hi Janet I just made a small test donation to the Kibera Youth Project by Paypal, and it seems to work okay. There's a couple of slight oddities AndriusKulikauskas: So far I have been sending money by Western Union because it is very convenient for several reasons such as being very quick to send and to pick up. ... My father contributed 1,000 USD so my plan is that this will be a reserve for our rapid response in the event of a new round of violence. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: I spoke this evening with DennisKimambo +254 722 388 275, RachelWambuiKungu +254 721 626 389 and KennethChelimo +254 722 809 690 about the Nakuru meeting of the Pyramid of Peace. ... Dennis started by sharing the news that they wish me to continue to lead the Pyramid of Peace as I have with full authority. I agree to do so. We plan to organize a meeting in mid-March for the Pyramid of Peace. At that meeting they will again consider our structure and leadership. They believe that the structure we have developed is working well and is one of the strengths of the Pyramid of Peace. Another strength is the context of Minciu Sodas as a well ordered environment. The result is what Dennis calls an umbrella where there is a strong handle (Minciu Sodas) and many points for individuals and organizations to take the actions they wish. Rachel also said she is committed to the Pyramid of Peace for the long term because it is so inclusive. They discussed their priorities. Dennis made clear that building or equipping peace centers is not the priority because it is too early and large investments in buildings or hardware would stir jealousy and resentment. The priority is to do more grass roots organizing in the most troubled places so that we have representatives there, such as in Molo. Dennis will travel to Eldoret. Rachel will travel to Kericho, Sotik and other places. Dennis and Rachel also agreed with my wish that (although this is dangerous) we engage the various militias to understand how we and they might respond nonviolently to any future violence. They were glad to have the opportunity to meet and also to visit the locations and see the on-the-ground reality which can differ from what we read. Thank you to Kennedy Owino for your leadership, for having us do so. They spoke very well of Lawrence Achami and Rono Richards, working together as Kikuyu and Kalenjin, in a very troubled area. Rachel told me how she was impressed by Charles Kilel and his work engaging the youth. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: I made sure to speak with KennethChelimo. He accepted my criticism and so I will be writing more about that. Dennis and Rachel told me of their disappointments in Eldoret overall. The public meeting rang hollow in that it was a Kalenjin affair, and focused on the elite, at that. They did not find evidence of any peacemaking with the many refugees in Eldoret from the other tribes. I had hoped that Kenneth might serve as our commander, but so far he failed this test to show how he serves all of the people, not simply his own. I thank Kennedy Owino and all for this lesson which shows my own lack of judgement and the need to check and double check our virtues as leaders. I am glad that Kenneth wishes to participate, nevertheless, and he agreed that we focus our work in Eldoret on the displaced person camps. We will look for Kalenjin leaders among those who are actively helping there. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: Dennis also asks our online participants to check with our Kenyan leaders before making donations outside of the Pyramid of Peace. One of the strengths of the Pyramid of Peace is that together we are able to put in perspective the requests and the resources. I am glad, Dorcas Koskey, that you have approached us and are writing openly. Your letters are truly helpful. However, before people donate, it's good that we confer and reflect. You wrote, for example, about the shop attendant Esther Chebet who asks for $300 for her two children to go to Catholic school. To put this in perspective, a school teacher earns about $100 per month. ... Giving can take many forms including loans, paid work, sharing. Writing openly is one of the first steps and so I thank you Dorcas as we learn to work together. The art of giving is so wonderfully complex that I imagine what we know and learn might yield half or more of the motherly Constitution. ... I think a "unity center" is a profound idea, but I think we'll know how to pursue that if we think, as Janet and Pamela have, in terms of our own reality in our personal lives, which is much more about people informally meeting in their homes and sharing their ICT resources, skills and opportunities rather than having a full fledged center, although we might like that, too. Read more...

AndriusKulikauskas: Dennis Kimambo serves now as our Commander-of-Operations. Dennis and Rachel accept my thinking that the title Commander is at times very helpful. We are going through a time of relative peace, and so the titles Leader and Champion can be used instead. However, there's a real chance that in a few weeks we might focus on nonviolence, and then we need to know and say who is a Commander. A regime of self-discipline, of diligent virtue, is one that our leaders must cultivate at all times, regardless. Unfortunately, even very able leaders may fail the tests of whether they are selfish for themselves or their own people. As Commanders, we help others take and pass these tests. For example, Kennedy Owino may not want to have a phone for his own sake, yet I might ask him to get a phone for our sake, and he might do so. Also, very few people are strong enough to even think of themselves as commanders, and so this ugly title helps us sort out who might wear it. Read more...

''AndriusKulikauskas: One of the natural checks and balances that has come up is my own relinquishment of authority to the Pyramid of Peace meeting. That is a time when our Kenyan leaders decide what it is that they want. I care to not interfere or influence because we all need to know what they truly want as our purpose is to be helpful. Therefore I also accept the authority given to me and will exercise it wholeheartedly. ... I am applying my authority to accelerate as much as possible the development of this vision for a culture of independent thinkers, as much as our Kenyan and online participants are willing and circumstances in Kenya permit. ... Read more...''

AndriusKulikauskas: Rachel, I'm sharing my thoughts on various ways that the Pyramid of Peace might apply resources in Kenya that you might find. ... I propose, if we had $10,000, that in each of 8 regions we have $1,250 for the following activities: ... Read more...

''JanetFeldman: I have been thinking and doing some research on the question of a "motherly constitution", and about the longer-term structures for our work. To introduce new concepts will involve a readiness for that. ... An advisory board for longer-term (structural, strategic) concerns and issues, and a "Task Force" to address daily or immediate issues may be one approach to consider. ... Conference calls would allow for broad participation and inclusion, in keeping with a "motherly" conception of structure and operations. ... I will be working with more women during this time period ... the peace centers right now could be almost anywhere that people agree to meet for peace, string a banner, have literature, and attract discussion and planning for action on peace ... This is not the work of one person or one group: it is a motherly concept to be as inclusive as possible in such a crucial venture, so I hope people will indeed give their views freely. Read more...

February 19, 2008

VOA: Using Modern Technology to Reunite Victims of Kenya Violence by James Butty

February 20, 2008

Kenya Opposition Warns of Renewed Protests by Derek Kilner

Peace TV/Radio programme in Eldoret

February 21, 2008

VOA: Crisis Talks Heighten Tension in Western Kenya by Scott Bobb

VOA: Violence in Kenya Leaves Hundreds of Thousands With Nowhere to Go by Cathy Majtenyi

'' VOA: Kenya’s Opposition Threatens Mass Protests by Peter Clottey

Lawrence Achami will unlock Molo

Grassroots Tour and Possible Emergency

February 22, 2008

Kenyans Cautiously Optimistic About Prime Minister Agreement by Peter Clottey

Pyramid of Peace: Income and Expenses

Pyramid of Peace: Emergency Nonviolent Mobilization

February 23, 2008

Government, Opposition Negotiators in Kenya to Hold Internal Talks by VOA News

Kenneth Chelimo reports from Eldoret

February 24, 2008

Rapid Coordination of Independent Peacemakers

February 25, 2008

VOA: Kenya Reconciliation Talks Hit Snag by Scott Bob

Tuesday Make Peace in Kenya and Online

Lawrence Achami in Molo

Consider a "Confederacy of Humanity" based on Tribes

February 26, 2008

Kenya Post-Electoral VOA: Violence Wipes Out Businesses; Jobs by Scott Bobb

Wiled youg men.....say no to Demos in kisumu

February 27, 2008

VOA: Fishing Industry Symptomatic of Neglect in Western Kenya's Opposition Stronghold by Scott Bobb

VOA: Kenyan Opposition Suspends Demonstrations by Scott Bobb

Bioregions: Lake, Rift Valley, Nairobi

February 28, 2008

Pyramid of Peace is ready for peace in Kenya!

February 29, 2008


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of Uyoga










and many hundreds more who have worked together as peacemakers.

Thank you to all who donated through Minciu Sodas for the Pyramid of Peace.

Here is our detailed spreadsheet of who we received money from and who we sent money to.

See a larger version of this image of some of our fractal money flow

Thank you to all online who pointed to our efforts!

Beverly Nelson

Amy Jussel


Danah Boyd, Future Lab, Piers Fawkes


Nancy White, Full Circle and here and Beth Kanter


GlobalVoicesOnline.org, Ethan Zuckerman

Kennedy Owino (NafsiAfrikaAcrobats) and Dennis Kimambo (Repacted) featured by:

Mental Acrobatics











Benoit Couture submitted Pamela McLean's press release to Hastac Thank you!

Clark Boyd's podcast

Mamamikes.com - Pointed out by Asif Daya, a long-time user.

Cass McNutt, Thoughts on Thinking

A Ray of Hope, UNESCO

John Powers and here

Clark Boyd, Public Radio International

Tobias Eigen, Kabissa

Emily Nghiem

Ndesanjo Macha, Global Voices reprinted in Namibian.com

Pamela McLean


Mambogani participant

David Sasaki of Public Broadcasting System Mediashift Idealab


Kenyan Jewels

Kenyan Emergency

Indymedia, thanks Sasha!

Graham William Stewart, thanks Sasha!

Shailja Patel


Alex of Slum-tv

Women's News


Mike Volpe




Voluntary Youth Philanthropists

Joy Tang (see comments)

PamelaMcLean to Ugabytes


Shailja It made me cry. I think I'm afraid to have hope anymore.


SashaMrkailo to IndyMedia


Comment by Shaping Youth, thank you!

Paul Canning

Kenya Alliance of Resident Associations


















Moses Kariuki







Thank you to Lithuanians who received the Nafsi Afrika Acrobats in March, 2008 as ambassadors of peace!

Labas Rytas television show in Lithuania

Kulturos artele



Baltic News Service


Photos from O Abromaviciute of performance in Uzupis see also Panevezys school for the deaf, Tour of Vilnius, Strolling in Vilnius

Hi Pamela

Pyramid of Peace was organized at and by Minciu Sodas.